In the 1950’s,South African chemist Garham Wulff had taken a particular interest in developing skin care products in personal home laboratory having hone through extensive trial-and-error,Wulff was focused on creating a moisturizer that the composition and properties of the natural oils of one’s skin.Wulff had witnessed shortcoming of the kid of beauty creams available at the time,most of which left skin looking greasy and unnaturl.

The primary goals of this moisturize were to moisturize skin,help skin retain moisture over an extended period of timme,and protet the skin form typical skin-related ailmnts.Eventually Wulff gold,perfecting a moisturizer formula that was tobe named “Oil of Olay”.

Featuring a recognizable pleasant scent and a distinctive pink shade,Wulff knew he had a product that was sure to appeal to women such as his wife,who had become disenchanted with this beauty products available during this time .A non-specific and deliberate vague marketing campaign followed-Wulff had his business partner jack Lowe wanted to intrigue consumers and leave them feeling compelled by ambiguous age-related personal care products.

‘OIL of Olay’ experienced unsurprising success in South Africa following its releasing,as an effective and revolutionary product is sure to find his itself with plenty of interested buyers.After the company was purchased by Richardson-Vicks in 1960,ambitious expansion shortly followed.Olay worked itself into United Kingdom,Netherlands,Canada,Germany and united state during the 1960’s,the company expanded its product line to include a wide range of different sort of skin care products-from creams,to serum,to acne treatment,to masks,Olay began to corner the market on personal skin care.

In 1985 the company was again purchased,this time by Procter & Gamble which pushed the reach of the olay brand and its product to vast,global c=scale.Finally,in 1999,’Oil of Olay’ decides to shorten its name to simple and more palatable ‘Olay’.

Olay executive felt that in addition to helping with brand recognition,this changes was one that would help the name become more effective of the company and its principle.’Oil’

although an appropriate inclusion in the name of company in the 1950’s,had become antonymous with clean and clear skin in the minds of that Olay pivot in order to combat this.

Olay is the market leader in a number of different countries today,including the United States,the United kingdom,and China.Once featuring just a single product that offered the ability to keep people looking young,Olay can now boast that it has essentially spearheaded the creation of the ‘anti-ageing’ category en masse in beauty product industry.

Therein lays the substance behind the claim that Olay has not set rends within their industry,but helped to define it.it is one thing to create a revolutionary product,but to change the way consumers approach beauty products in an entirely diferebt ballgame.Olay has managed to give consumers reason to believe that beauty products can not only conceal the ageing process,but slow or reserve it.That is the true legacy of Olay-a company that truly changed its industry.


In Every industry,there exist brands which leads to the extent that they not only marketing,but help to define it.When it comes to beauty product ,Olay is one of the sort of brands.A personal care product developer which specialize in care skin,the Olay company,is one of the most recognizable and trusted beauty companies in the world.

Boasting a relentless and experience researches and development team that pride it self on quality as well as safety,Olay has managed to stake it self out of reputation as a company which provides products that are both effective and reliable.

An American skin care brand owned by procter  &  Glamble,Olay has come a long way from its humble South Africa beginning.Known originally as “OIL of Olay “,in the 1950’s Olay got its start by developing and releasing a single product marketed as having the ability to make its users look younger.

The company has since experienced deliberate expansion in early every decade,growing surely and steadily into a purveyor of a vast assortment of skin and beauty related product.Olay is trusted by million of consumers around the world for good reason-its not always easy o find effecive products that come a brand name that is truly trustworthy!We’ll cover the int-and -outs of olay,its history,its top products its future,and more here our Olay company history and product reviews 2016.

Olay’s Range of product:

Face care,Body care,Bath,cosmetics,and more.Form cleansing brushes,to cream cleaner,to facial toner,to daily moisturizers,to night creams,to lotion,to facial.to eye treatment,to mask.to beauty bars. Olay is now fully  capable of servicing the fully slate of personal skin care needs felt by most consumers.

Here the Top five best product that Olay has offers:







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