Vitamin C serum For skin Whitening/Remove Acne marks in 5 DAY/Anti-aging serum

Vitamin C serum helps t brighten your kin by minimizing redness and dark spots,Acne,Acne Marks,While Strengthening the skin’s barrier.Suitable for all skin type skin types.Vitamin C to first gently exfoliate your kin with lactic acid and then help brighten it for an all over even complexion.Vitamin C is a power full antioxidant that helps slow any damage to collagen for sun exposure and aid in repairing skin.Vitamin C hydrate and revive stressed skin.

It’s also a power full antioxidant ,helping to protect the face form harmful free radicals vitamin c give perfect skin.Vitamin C serum helps protect skin form sun damaged.Vitamin c Serum help to heal skin.Vitamin c serum is a essential for good skin health working to promote new collagen growth,Visibly reduce the signs of age in the skin and protect the skin form environmental damaged and premature aging skin.So this serum is suitable for every type of skin.


  • Rose Water                  10 tbsp
  • Vitamin C medicine    2
  • Glycerin                        1  tbsp

Mix it very well.

How to use:-

Use at daily life routine before going any where in day.

Store in a spray bottle.


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