Climate change has increased global inequality

Scientists have long predicted that warmer temperature will increase global inequality and it will effect the poorer people adversely.New research now indicates that already have happened over the last several decades.

A study published Monday in the precedings of the National academy of science found that in the most poor countries,higher temperatures are more than 90% likely to have resulted into decreased economic output,compared to a world without global warming.

Meanwhile the effect has been less dramatic in wealthier nations with some even potentially benefiting from High temperature.

“We are not arguing that global warming created inequality”.says Noah S.Diffenbaugh,the author of the study and a professor at Stanford university who studies climate change.”But global warming has put a drag on improvement.”The countries most likely to have lost out economically as a result of warmer temperatures have done least to contribute to the problem, he adds.

Higher temperature decreases labour output because of extreme temperatures ,crops produce low yield, cognitive functioning declines.

Even before any of the research was published, climate policymakers tried to address this problem that poor countries facing the worst effects of rising temperature, for which they are least responsible.


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