Inflammation of mucosal lining of antrum and mastoid air cell system is an invariable accompaniment of acute otitis media and forms a part of it.The term “mastoiditis” is used when infection speeds from.the mucosa,lining the mastoid air cells to involve bony walls of mastoid air cell system.

Clinical features

Symptoms are similar to that of acute suppurative otitis media.These include;

  • Pain behind the ear
  • Fever
  • Ear discharge becomes profuse and increase in purulence

Signs of acute mastoditis are as follows;

  • Mastoid tenderness
  • Ear discharge. Mucopurulent or purulent discharge, often pulsatile(lighthouse effect),may be seen coming through the central perforation of pars tensa.
  • Sagging of the posterior superior meatal wall
  • Perforation of tympanic membrane
  • Swelling over the mastoid
  • Conductive type of hearing loss

General findings include;

  • Patient appears ill and toxic with low grade fever.
  • In children, fever is high with a rise in pulse rate.

Investigations of acute mastoiditis include blood counts,ESR,X-ray mastoid and ear swab for culture


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