Benefits of the Dates

It’s also good source of energy,sugar and fiber.Essential minerals such as phosphorus,sodium,potassium,magnesium and zinc can be found in them.They also contain vitamins,that is necessary for our body.

Eat 3 dates daily for month & see magic in your body-Dates Health benefits

The many health benefits of eating dates include constipation relief,regulating cholesterol levels,intestinal disorders,heart problems,anemia and sexual dysfunction.It is also so beautiful gift of Allah in Ramadan especially for Muslims who are fasting.Also mostly asked question dates benefits for men,dates benefits for health,dates benefits for women,dates benefits weight loss.

For Blood Deficiency in women;

if you have blood deficiency then take 4-5 dates and in one glass of milk after 2-3 hour eat that dates and drink the milk.

For Constipation;

if you have constipation then take 4-5 soak in water and keep it for overnight  then mash it and take it empty stomach in few dates you can feel the amazing result.You stomach issue no more after using this remedy.

AJWA Date Benefits:-

The biggest benefit of the Ajwa dates paste are its capability of preventing and cuing heart disease.Ajwa dates seed powder is highly effective for the treatment of blocked heart arteries.It helps to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol level(LDL) in blood.





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