Dove History:

The Dove brand,founded by lever brothers,began in 1957.When the brand first began,they sold beauty soap bars.They have since expanded to produce a wide range of personal care products including”body wash,deodorants,body lotions,facial cleansers and shampoos and conditioner and many more things.”(Dove .Com)

Currently dove’s “commitment to delivering real results is mirrored in their advertisement.For over 40 years,they have been using real women in their ads”(,but the brand has not always marketed its self in this way.

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty:

In 2004,Dove’s advertisement changed.The brand launched its”Campaign for Real Beauty”in effort to widen the definition of beauty after studies conducted by Dove proved that”The definition of beauty had become limiting and unattainable” and finding concluded that only 2% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful”

The Campaign uses unconventional women of all shapes sizes,races,ages to celebrate”Real” beauty.

Dove Products

You really can’t talk about the beauty state of soap,cleanser,or personal care products without mentioning Dove.A company that sells more soap then any other,Dove has become synonymous with the soap bar in the same way that Kleenex is synonymous with tissues.You just cant separate one from the other.Despite their late start in soap development relative to other leading beauty brands(the company was founded in 1957),Dove proved to be ahead of its time in the cleaning department.

Developing a soap that did not dry skin,but rather moisturized it,Dove quickly carved itself out a piece of the soap market,gaining consumer trust with their high quality and reliable products.Dove would gradually build its product catalogue and apply their same research and development skills to other areas of personal care.Dove now develops many different kinds of personal care products which fall into five categories:

  • Washing and Bathing:Beauty Bar,Liquids soaps.Body wash.
  • Skin care:Moisturizing,Dry kin care,Body lotion,Face Wash.
  • Antiperspirant Deodorants:Antiperspirant Deodorants spray.Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorants.
  • Hair Care:Shampoo,Conditioner,Hair Oil,Dry Hair Treatment,Hair Fall Treatment,Damaged Hair Care,Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair.
  • Dove Collection:Dove Go Fresh.Purely Pampering Dove Elixir Oil,Dove Oxygen Moisture.







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