Hairstyle according to shape of your face

There is a dinner coming up and you need to impress someone. Beside taking care of the outfit, you should take care of your hairstyle as well!A good outfit can be even more fabulous with flattering hairstyle.

Below is a list of hairstyles for different face shapes;

1-Round face

Sweep your hair upwards,be it in a high bun or ponytail,but keep the crown slightly puffed up.This helps to elongate your face and makes it more oval.Just look at how supermodel Kate Upton has done it.

2-Oval face

People with oval-shaped faces usually have high foreheads,but you can comb your hair in deep side part like actress Vinessa Shaw did.

3-Heart shaped face

If you have a heart shaped face,congratulations!You have the same face shape as Resse Witherspoon and I just love her side swept bangs.They help to draw focus on your cheekbone and eyes.

4-Long face

Don’t listen to the haters who say you can’t pull off long hair!Sarah Jessica creates an illusion of wider face with wavy hair. This will help balance out overall shape of face.


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