How does fibroadenoma develop?

Fibroadenoma is most common benign neoplasm that appear in young women;mostly in the third decade of life. It is a firm,rubbery mass that may move slightly when pressed.Usually there is no pain associated with such lumps.A fibroadenoma may grow or shrink with time.

Breast tissue is composed of different kinds of tissues including adipose,fibrous and glandular tissue.A fibroadenoma originates in the milk gland or lobule and the surrounding tissue then grows around this resulting into tumor.The exact reason is not known but it develop due to hormonal changes. The association with hormonal activity is clear because fibroadenoma evidently changes in size during periods of spikes or drops in hormone.

Patterns of development of fibroadenoma:

  • Such lumps are mostly often found in premenopausal women between age 15-30
  • Taking oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy can also affect the size of tumor
  • Fibroadenoma tends to grow larger in pregnancy
  • Postmenopausal women has reduction in size

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