The Vaseline journey started in 1859 when a 22 year old chemist from brooklyn New York named Rebort A.CheseBrough went to Pennylvania to investigation an oil.While Chesebrough was there,he discovered a hooey substance known as ‘Rod Wax’ that was causing problems to oil rig worker,as it stuck to the drilling rigs,causing them size up.He got curious and took some Rod Wax home Where he started experimenting with it.After months of testing,he managed to successfully extract usable petroleum jelly out of it.

By 1870,CheseBrough was marketing his petroleum jelly product by the name of Vaseline,and within then years,the popularity meants that almost every house land in America had a jar of Vaseline.CheseBrough expanded his business to Canada,The United Kingdom and various british colonies all over the over world.

By the late 1880’s,CheseBrough was selling Vaseline Petroleum Jelly nationwide at the rate  of one jar minute and most medical professionals recognized Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as standard remedy for skin complaints.

By 1911,the company began opening operation plants and factories in Europe,Canada and Africa for manufacturing and dsitributing the product.CheseBrough’s invention was from the outset a medicinal product,intended to aid the healing process of cuts and burns.

Vaseline products:-



In 1987.Unilever purchased Chesebrough pond’s merged,acquiring successful,internationally known brands such as pond’s and vaselne

Today,Vaseline product are available in over 60 countries across the world.Its rich heritage,healing qualities and efficacy have been passed on from generation to generation for over 130 years.


Vaseline petroleum Jelly is an extraordinarily versatile product.For 140 years,it has been the ultimate skin tool for every thing from daily skin moisturisation to beauty needs to sports usage.Vaseline is triple purified and works with skin for bettter nourishment and protection.

Vaseline Original 100%  pure petroleum Jelly is made using a unique triple purification process which create a petroleum jelly so pure that is works naturally with your skin,helping it to e rebuild moisture and renew itself.

Who buys this product??

Every houseland uses vaseline petroleum jelly across the world.It’s a must product which simply helps protecting your skin.It is used by 90% of the population.

What problem does the product solve?

Vpj is used for protecting your skin.It helps cure problems of dry/cracked skin,chapped lips,minor cuts/scrapes/burns,protects from adverse climate and infection.It’s also used to prevent babies from diaper rash.Women use it as a beauty product:to tame unruly eyebrows,gloss for lips,highlight cheeknones,long lasting blush,highlights eyebrows,removes makeup.

What Attributes are important and why?

Affordable:Cost-effective Not high priced.It is easy available at any chemist,round-the -corner shops,grocery shops,departmental store etc.

Quality:The most important attribute customer look for is quality.VPJ uses the best ingredients for product.

Texture:Non-greasy moisturizing cream base.As many women would love to have a beauty product which is not oily or sticky.


Brand recognition.Being a product of HUL which indeed:



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